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TESD Podcast

BONUS POD: Elephants in the Room

In the summer of 2017, the podcast Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave
filmed a gameshow pilot episode to pitch to an unnamed television
“ElephANTs in the Room” combines the classic atmosphere of
beloved gameshows, with the insightful and humorous world of
When you add in elephant-based physical changes, and the
perils of taboo topics that no that sane person would ever dare to
discuss, you get “ElephANTs in the Room!”
With an explosive and shocking final challenge, it’s safe to say you have NEVR seen a gameshow like this!

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  • Brian 'Q' Quinn
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Chris Laudando
  • Detective Troy
  • Git' Em Steve Dave
  • Mike Zapcic
  • Ming Chen
  • Sunday Jeff
  • Walt Flanagan