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TESD Podcast


It’s here! Bryan, Walt, Q, Gitem, and Sunday Jeff in this all original never before heard/seen episode of TESD. This pod is interlaced with animation and features the debut of the much anticipated game show: Quinn It To Win It. With your purchase you will receive: • TESD T.V. Full Feature
• TESD T.V. Outtakes
• Bonus Audio Pod: Quinn It To Win It

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  • Brian 'Q' Quinn
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Git' Em Steve Dave
  • Ming Chen
  • Sunday Jeff
  • Walt Flanagan

Mentioned People

  • Chris Laudando
  • Courage My Love
  • EK Morris
  • Frank #2
  • Frank #3
  • Frank #5
  • Harris Khan
  • Sal Vulcano